As part of its the activity, Saperskie Publishing House organises individual and collective trainings.

The training team, depending on the subject and requirements, includes:

  • former professional soldiers from the Mine squad patrols operating in Poland;
  • soldiers of the EOD groups operating during missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Chad;
  • former operators – pyrotechnics from specialized units of the Police, Border Guard;
  • fire fighters from the state groups and volunteer fire brigade;
  • an experienced psychologist with qualifications, who practiced as a psychologist of a military unit;
  • medical doctors – specialists in surgery and trauma orthopaedics, who gained practice and experienced during missionsin Iraq and Afghanistan;
  • pedagogues in the field of basic training (grades 0-4);
  • pedagogues from grades 5-8 and secondary school;
  • other specialists depending on the subject and needs of the training.

Place of classes: all of Poland



Specialised trainings in Crisis Management

  • trainings on potential threats and rules of conduct in educational and educational headings;
  • trainings on how to behave when critical situations occur for different environments (social groups);
  • specialist trainings from Civil Defence;
  • specialized training in the use of explosive ammunition;

Each training, depending on the subject and scope ends with an internal test in the subject of training and issuing a certificate about the scope of training, subjects and preparation of the student to perform specific activities related to explosive ammunition.

Place of classes: all of Poland

Other training, work, including:

  • specialised legal assistance in matters related to the use of explosive ammunition;
  • performing expertise and non-military threats;
  • specialist publications related to explosive ammunition;
  • checking the area for the occurrence of post-war and post-military threats and their removal;
  • sapper supervision;
  • archaeological supervision;
  • other specialist work and specialized training.

Place of classes: all of Poland


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